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The advantages that we have many today in everything that relates to the web everything is created to be easier and faster, as is the case of wordpress automatic plugin that makes the creation and everything that has to do with your web a little simpler and easier without having to worry about anything.


What is WordPress Automatic Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin is a wordpress plugin with an extremely easy to use interface, since it is in charge of automatically tracking content in wordpress, being designed to have the best experience with you as a manager and also with the user.

Through this plugin you can easily configure step by step to have content from other websites and source content.

Features of WordPress Automatic plugin


– Message type

– Taxonomies

– Title

– Content

– Excerpt

– Custom Fields

– Discussion

– Author

– Status

– Date

It can be used for:

– News

– Coins

– Weather Forecast

– Live Sports Scores

– Blogs and magazines

– Articles

– notice board

– Social Profiles

– Design inspirations

– Images and galleries

– Videos

– Films and celebrities

– Music and Playlists

– Applications and games

– Books

– Themes and accessories

– Products

– Freelance work

– Syllabi

– Restaurants

– Recipes

How WordPress Automatic plugin works

Bring web page-specific data as a single publication to your own website in WordPress Auto Publish Plugin mode.


Track and publish all articles on a website by following the details page and pagination links in WordPress auto-blog plugin mode.


Track and publish all article summaries in a feed or follow the links from the details page in the WordPress Auto-Blog Plugin.


automatically fill in all fields that are supported, just as if you had filled them in manually. The results of the WordPress Automatic Content Tracker Plugin are no different from the native ones.


You don’t need any programming skills to make the necessary settings. All you need to do is match the parts you need on the landing page and the corresponding WordPress field with the visual picker.


Advantages of WordPress Automatic Plugin



– Get updated themes from website sources that are not suitable for simple HTML scraping. Learn about both your WordPress auto-publishing plug-in and the RSS aggregator plug-in for WordPress needs.


– Works in the background

Set up and leave it once. Even if your browser is turned off, your WordPress auto-crawler plug-in will work 24/7 and create posts.


– Multiple jobs

With multitasking capability, our WordPress Auto-Publish plug-in takes unlimited elements from multiple different sources at the same time.


– Ready to go

Designed to work without any additional coding. Load the automatic WordPress Scraper Plugin, activate it and start scraping.


– High performance

Its aim is to achieve the highest scraping performance with the advantages of state-of-the-art technology development.


– Minimum requirements

It works perfectly in virtually any environment, including the minimal system configurations provided by shared accommodations.


– Character Sets

Take articles on your own site from different websites with different alphabets and character sets such as Latin, Chinese and RTL.


Download WordPress Automatic plugin


Through this post you already have all the information so you don’t hesitate to download WordPress Automatic plugin to make your website a faster and more modern place.

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