Ekattor School Management System


Ekattor is a plugin that allows a total administration of online classes or pages dedicated to education that want to be automated and to show the technological and modern face of your institution.

In these times where technology goes hand in hand with education, this plugin becomes almost indispensable for those who have pages aimed at students.

If you want to have a complete system in which the different elements that make up an educational community participate, then you can not hesitate to download one of the best plugins for educational management for WordPress.

How Ekattor works

How Ekattor works

Ekattor makes the participation between students, parents, and teachers more harmonious by bringing these participants together in one community as Ekattor is, as its software makes your website the best school echo system.

The code of this plugin is free and as it is open you can customize it to suit your style and your business needs, this will not affect the complete tools it has and you can manipulate it to adapt it to the educational style you represent.

The best of this plugin is that it includes addons system and api so you can use it as mobile apps, this way you can have a complete system with unlimited features and expand its use to other devices without any problem.

Ekattor features

Ekattor features

One of the most remarkable features is that you can manage any type of payment, allow parents to pay online, generate reports, allow several school fees at once, print, among other actions.

Besides, not only do you manage the payments, but you can also manage the school incomes and account for the expenses that are in your school, whether it is only online or physical as well.

Create the type of account that each user will have, with the necessary adjustments depending on their rank, if they are parents, allow payments or display the account of students and teachers, if they are teachers allow access to other features of your website, each have a dedicated dashboard.

Advantages of Ekattor

  • By installing this plugin, you will be able to have control over different features that will allow you to automate school processes such as payment, student admission among others.
  • By showing an automated system, you will be able to show the modern face of your school and give the message that you are always at the forefront of education and technology.
  • You can have a full academic operation where the processes will be transparent and you can better manage the class routine, attendance, promotion, or exams, you can even manage the library and its loans from this single plugin.
  • The management of many students at once, their enrollment, relationship with parents, and so on will be extremely easy by adding this software to your school.
  • The relationship with community members will improve, as it will be more direct and organized, this includes parents and teachers.

Download Ekattor School Management System

You can download this great education plugin from our website, Ekattor is always in continuous updates, their work from 2013 are always continuously upgrading with the latest technology, so you always know that you offer quality and novelty with your service.

More than 3,000 schools around the world have trusted Ekattor and once you acquire your license you will have access to lifetime updates with no subscription fee as well as reliable and secure technical support.

So, don’t hesitate to download this plugin to have full control and management of your school system.

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