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If your website is going to create forms or have a section like that, I think the best thing you can do is download Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin through this plugin you will have the possibility to cover your needs and be a little more optimal throughout your website.


What is Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin

Gravity Forms is the easiest tool according to Create Advanced Forms because of its website with WordPress.

Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin is a wordpress plugin designed with the intention of saving you time regarding the creation of forms by creating your WordPress varieties in just minutes. No hard work, just fast but effortless form building.

Select your fields, set your preferences, and then seamlessly involve forms in your WordPress website with the use of the built-in tools.

How the Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin works


It’s easy to integrate gravity forms that include several popular web applications and online services

Gravity Forms approves it to quickly and seamlessly combine with a range of 1/3 of the birthday party’s features, namely PayPal, and offers deeper integration across WordPress through our collection of non-mandatory add-ons. Hot Stuff

One of the most used elements in a website are the forms, either simple contact forms or more advanced forms to ask for all kinds of data.

There are many plugins in WordPress that make it easy to create these forms, some free and others for payment. The best known is Contact Form 7, a free plugin quite versatile. If what you want is to create a simple contact form, you can use it and you don’t need to spend money.


Features Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin

– Line of text: this is the typical text field for collecting data such as name, surname, town, etc.


– Paragraph: also typical field where the user can write more text than in the simple line, commonly used so that they can write developed comments.


– Drop-down: when you click on it, several options appear that you have previously defined and they can only choose one.


– Selector: a box with several options from which the user can select one or more.


– Number: it’s like a line of text but it only allows you to enter numbers.


– Boxes: it creates options among which the user can select one or more by checking the corresponding box.


– Selection buttons: it creates options and the user can only mark one of them, if he marks one first and then marks a different one, the first one is automatically unmarked.


– Hidden: it is a field to which you put a label, but the user does not see it because it is not shown in the form. When you receive the data from the form, among them is the label you have put on the field. It is used, for example, to know from which page the user has filled in the form.


– HTML: inserts a custom HTML code that you write.


– Section: it is simply a line that serves to separate one section of the form from another.


– Page: serves to “divide” the form into several pages or steps. When the user fills in the fields on the first page, he or she will click on a button to go to the second phase of the form, where there will be more fields to fill in.


Download Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin


If you really want your website to have some forms or you specify in this area what you have to do is download Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin you will see how it helps you in every way

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