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The administration in a website is extremely important, if you do not have a good administration and above all a good monitoring is very likely that in a short time everything is out of control, and for this not to happen Smart Manager Pro has been created.

What is Smart Manager Pro

Smart Manager is the easiest and closest solution for WooCommerce savings management. It’s a familiar spreadsheet view, search and then update your group by purchasing hours of repetitive work.

How Smart Manager Pro works

– Batch manage products, variations, customers, orders, coupons or more between the spreadsheet interface effortlessly

– As your business grows, you will reach a limited period of time in accordance with the chaos of the times. Tasks such as adding, updating or managing products, variations and inventory can be tiring and time consuming.

And if you have more products than one leg, you may need to hire an assistant just to keep your WooCommerce up to date.

– The Smart Manager add-on works just like an Excel spreadsheet. Making changes and navigating is quick and simple


– Browse the table and quickly update the stock quantities, set and change the sales price or the normal price. You can even set up backorders, filters and mass editing stock for many WooCommerce products and variations at once.


– Create, delete or update many items at once directly from the grid. Change the values of several columns and save them all at once. Switch to the native editing screen for full editing control.


– View all orders on one screen, filter and search quickly. Change order status, manually add new orders, batch update orders, or export to CSV. Review and find coupons, extend store credits, modify discounts, mass edit …


Smart Manager Pro Benefits


– Free administrator columns

Easily view, hide, and edit columns of data in the grid Sort, search, mass edit, or export any type of WordPress publication – Smart Manager also supports many types of data from third-party plug-ins!

– Use the same table as your interface to view and manage all types of custom publications, users, and attributes in WordPress and WooCommerce.


– Add, update, and delete publications, pages, products, variations, prices, attributes… Mass update of hundreds of products … Filter and quickly find an order … All these tasks are very time consuming (and error prone).


– The Smart Manager Pro add-on allows me to do this much faster. Probably 20 or 30 times faster. It’s an absolutely invaluable tool.


– Save 4 hours of work every week with Smart Manager.


– This add-on keeps you cool while updating numerous products. I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to constantly go to product pages to make price changes, etc.


– Whether you have a shop with 100 products or 100,000, you can update everything at once, quickly and easily!

Smart Manager Pro Features

– Orders – change status, billing details, shipping fields, currency, etc.

– Coupons – change coupon usage, amount, type, expiration date, etc.

– Messages – title, image, update status of messages from draft to posting, etc.

Edit post types using search filters, date filters and column filters.

Add/delete one or more products, orders, coupons, posts.

– columns”.

– Sort the data grid based on a particular data column, such as the sales price, in ascending or descending order.

– Sticky header to always keep control when scrolling through thousands of records

– Distraction-free mode when performing operations.

– Image preview for image type fields in the grid.


Download Smart Manager Pro


If you want to save yourself and the people who work with you enough time, don’t think too much about downloading Smart Manager Pro.








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