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Security is extremely important in any area, especially if you have a company or website that is responsible for making shipments, if this is the case you are in the right place because you will know in depth wooCommerce Shipping tracking an add-on that tracks shipments on the web no matter what the product you have sent.

How does wooCommerce Shipping tracking work?

WCST will pass on to its customers by smoothly imitating their music requests. You can be in a position according to the company according to each rule, a shipping agency or a monitoring number. WCST displays pleasure monitoring information (company URL, but tracking code) without delay between the “Order Complete” email and then the “View Order” page.

Your customers simply click on the hyperlink generated by the WCST option without difficulty to track their orders.

WCST has defined more than 40 shipping companies. Can’t find the one you need? Don’t worry, WCST allows you to define your own custom delivery corporations.

wooCommerce Shipping tracking allows the additional partner to have certain items tracked and shipped by the trading company.

In that way, if the maintenance manager has after the shipping system the use of more than one shipment, the thanksgiving according to the WCST execution allows the consumer to track every shipping restriction issue.

In addition, due to each shipment, it can be additionally an expedited date and then a customized text. In this way, both the manager and the consumer easily save the music related to the shipping times.

Advantages of wooCommerce Shipping tracking


wooCommerce Shipping Tracking also allows you to show your shipping progress, including a timeline immediately within the site. To operate at that amount simply use the special shortcode [track shipping in site] inside the message Order details through the exclusive menu.

Once this is done, a track data hazard option is displayed showing each background that the delivery has made to the cut-off time between each major order items page.

Optionally, you display the “tracking on site” widget on someone’s page. To do this, simply use the corresponding shortcode along with the special “track in site” parameter: [wcst tracking form track in site = “true”]. You want to generate a structure where as soon as the user has entered a tracking code, the “track between sites” damage will be confirmed by showing the progress of the transport.

Once the monitoring data related to the system administration page is saved, the complete data is displayed between the small print page.

In addition, the intent of the data is also integrated into all WooCommerce emails. By penance, the monitoring information is only embedded after the emails, then the fame is set to “completed”, however, you choose according to the information on the screen as well.

You can also specify custom statuses, this way the user can keep all the necessary information at hand

Features of wooCommerce Shipping tracking

The administrator also sends out animated notification emails by simply choosing the follow-up items so he wants the user to be kept informed.

The tracking code email template can be customized with the help of using the one-of-a-kind choice menu.

The plug-in is supported because the seasoned invoice email is Germanized, therefore, such intention can inject monitoring information into consignment emails according to the current order status.

In addition, the delivery date or period is included in the WooCommerce emails.

Download wooCommerce Shipping tracking


wooCommerce Shipping Tracking is a very useful and easy to use add-on and manager for your business to move forward much better and faster.


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