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A theme that is ideal for virtual stores, something that can place it as limited and of little use, but nonetheless, the miso has reported more than 1000 downloads a day, something that positions it as a fairly quoted topic, and is that not in vain this has the following features.

BuddyPress is a patented WordPress theme, this is ideal for any theme, hence it has been baptized as multipurpose, being acquired by anyone who wants to undertake the fun adventure of setting up a web space or a personal blog.

And it is that assiduous users of the subject, have indicated that it is ideal for them, that is how among their community of followers you can find all kinds of professionals, such as lawyers, doctors or the highly weighted FreeLancer, who do not tire of pointing out BuddyPress is the best of all options.

Elegant designs

Focused on elegance, no doubt, no one can deny that what is raised on the web, is a reflection of reality, this is how this theme, has been designed to show those companies that know good taste and design, so that it is the best for the best.

Designing interactive galleries

It has the function of creating image gallery, through which you can present your products with great ease, without anything stopping you, being able to publicize everything you sell or promote, and leaving your future customers delighted and eager.

Dynamic menus

It shows dynamic, as if a quick shelf will be treated, so will present this theme, your virtual store to others, all through a series of functions that will not let you go unnoticed at any time.

Join YouTube, and thanks to this theme, you will be able to have the support of one of the giants of the multimedia world, it is so that you can count on applications or videos where your content is shown in a much more entertaining way.

Possibility to incorporate shopping cart

Shopping cart, the best of the best, can definitely provide this theme, this is how this gives you the possibility to include a shopping cart, so that people can make the orders they want as easily as possible, and can guarantee the purchase of their products.

This is how you can thanks to this theme, increase your profits, managing to create the virtual store that you want and need to grow your business.


This is compatible with both WPBakery or Elementor, so that as a user it is up to you to choose the visual model that is most convenient for you, you also do not have to worry, whatever you choose will work perfectly, without causing you abrupt changes on your page.

In other words, in none of the cases, will you suffer improper adjustments or changes or configurations that affect your content, because the layout artist and the theme do not adjoin, this being a strong point of BuddyPress as a theme.

Templates of great use

It has a series of templates that make it the ideal theme, whatever the content of your website, this is how it has been chosen by fast food sites, hotels, spas and even marketing agencies, for the possibility of presenting your projects in image gallery.

So, do not hesitate and buy it, certainly its price may seem a bit onerous, but consider all the possibilities of creations that you can achieve thanks to it.

Ideal for multimedia

Especially, if you like multimedia content, this template is also the right one, since it presents a series of pre-configured alternatives so that you can locate your elements, as well as having effect modalities so that you can highlight them as you like.

Download Jobify Theme Free

Do not hesitate, and create the virtual store of your dreams, downloading this theme totally free, it’s just a matter of you proposing to design what you’ve always wanted.

Do not hesitate and download this theme now, so you can enjoy it to the fullest, and you can equally sit down and think about how to build your blog as you like.




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