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ARMember is one of the best WordPress plugins that help you create a membership system for better administration and complete control over your community on the web.

If you want to have a good, easy to control and automated membership system that will also help you upload the numbers of conversions or traffic to your website, then you should download ARMember, which will help you with that mission.

How ARMember works

How ARMember works

ARMember will allow you to create almost every kind of membership model on your website without having any advanced knowledge of programming so that you can achieve your marketing strategy with the best results and the best tools.

You can create the type of membership you want, limiting the capacity of members or letting a member register in different types of affiliations, this is very useful, for example, in case you offer exclusive content to your community according to the ranks.

This plugin will also allow you to add payments and configure them so that a member can decide which plan to subscribe to, this is useful when offering monthly or annual plans.

ARMember Features

ARMember Features

This fascinating plugin works with an advanced form builder to create different types of inscriptions such as those used for Login, Sign Up, Forgot Password, etc.  You can choose from the default forms or customize them according to the style of your website.

This plugin will make your customers have an excellent browsing experience and get a good impression because it facilitates the entry and payment of the membership by making the steps shorter, as it provides you a unique membership setup wizard which will generate a single shortcode for the entire process.

Another outstanding feature of ARMember is that it allows you to delay the release of content in your membership site for site members. This is very useful for creating your customized marketing strategy, as it can allow you to display your exclusive content on a regular basis as you have set it up.

Among the tools included in ARMember is the ability to choose from a range of different profile styles and templates, with an easy editor for customizing and managing member profiles.

Advantages of ARMember

  • By installing this plugin, you will have a very good tool to manage users who want to become affiliates of your WordPress page in addition to having a track of the activities performed by members of your community.
  • You will not need another plugin to accept various types of payments including PayPal, Stripe, among others, and you can choose the payment cycles according to the type of plan that each member wants.
  • With this plugin you can have full control over the content you show to users, adding the restrictions you want and allowing the display of special pages.
  • You can make settings so that you can connect with the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Google or Twitter and thus always be at the forefront of the networks.
  • You can make your membership forms appear in the mode you want, such as pop-up, without having to install other plugins.
  • It allows you to complement your marketing strategy by adding badges to motivate your users to earn them by interacting more with your page and inviting friends, this way your traffic will increase.

Download ARMember

Since ARMember is one of the most used plugins for membership systems and integrates very well with any theme or builder that uses your WordPress, it could not be missing in your repertoire, so you can download it from our website, where you will get the file very quickly and 100% secure.

Do not hesitate to download this complete plugin for the membership system and complement the organization of your page and its users with ARMember.

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