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The internet market is currently one of the most used, since the marketing is updated according to the time we are living now, if you are a merchant and want to improve your marketing process you can continue reading this post to know about WC Vendors Pro.


What is WC Vendors Pro

WC Vendors Pro extends the functionality of your market to reduce your workload, saving you time and money. Continuously updated, features are added all the time.

For a true market with maximum flexibility, Pro is for you WC Vendors Pro extends WC Vendors Marketplace to provide your vendors and yourself the market manager with tools to create a truly powerful marketplace platform.

The Vendor User Panel provides all the functions needed for a vendor to fully manage their own products, orders, coupons and more. This leaves the marketplace administrator to focus on marketing the marketplace and providing vendor tools for their vendors.

Features of WC Vendors Pro


– Full-featured front-end product addition/editing functions

– Full support due to complete manufacturing types, single, grouped, downloadable and even variable products are framed in the final control panel.

– Professional shipping module for companies to add through manufacturing delivery prices, as well as a country table dimension system.

– eBay-style commenting system due to vendor ratings

– Shipment tracking for suppliers in accordance with linked tracking numbers

– Multiple commission types such as percentage, percentage + rate, constant rate, then also constant rate + rate.

– Vendor-only coupons that carriers can take into account after making their personal coupons due to their products only, managers cannot make coupons due to the market at this time.

– Vendor store banners, avatars/icons and additional fully customizable registrations

– Social module to include Facebook / Twitter / Google + or deeper

– Extended order notes

– Customizable template system to configure, adjust or model your storage and at the same time, the dashboard that you find convenient.

How WC Vendors Pro works

The front panel of the cessation provider offers all the purposes required for a provider to fully manage its own products, orders, coupons, and more. This leaves the market manager in agreement with the focal point on advertising and marketing of the market and offering teams of vendors because they are vendors.

Create your own marketplace and allow sellers to sell products like etsy, Envato, eBay or Amazon! You can sell physical, digital or variable products in your marketplace.


Advantages of WC Vendors Pro



comes with a setup wizard to guide you through the initial configuration of your market. This allows you to get started and read quickly to win.


WC Vendors pro has been on the market for 5 years, publishing regular updates for the smooth running of its market. We focus on including the best e-commerce features for our users.


There are no restrictions on the number of vendors or products your market can create. Your vendors will be able to create a marketplace that sells a range of different products.


Download Advantages of WC Vendors Pro


WC Vendors Pro is one of the best complements at a marketing level so if your website wants to specialize in selling products this is the best option to enhance it, you can download WC Vendors Pro without any problem.

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