Popup Maker AJAX Login Modals


The Modal AJAX Login (ALM) plug-in extension for Popup Maker allows users to manage site login, account registration and password recovery in a single pop-up window. The plug-in extension adds several short codes, triggers and cookies to customize and manage each pop-up.

Popup Maker AJAX Login Modals Features

Add a site login form.

Add an account registration form.

Add a password recovery form.

Unchain Click Open Integration Use existing or custom CSS selectors to display the login, registration, or password recovery forms in a pop-up window.

Trigger Force login Require login based on the segmentation conditions set in the Pop-up Settings >> Pop-up Editor orientation box.

Trigger Click Lock

Require site login based on one or more targeted CSS selectors

Cookie Correct login

Controls the repetition of a pop-up window after logging in to the site

Successful Registration Cookie

Controls the repetition of a pop-up window after account registration.

Article content

Order of plug-in configuration

Segmentation conditions for AJAX login modes

Difference in form links between offline and online users

Form demonstration with the user ‘offline

Extend the AJAX Login Modals add-on

User menu Plugin

Third party add-on integrations with ALM

Order of plug-in configuration

Set the extension of the plug-in in the following order:

How Popup Maker AJAX Login Modals works


Enable the Membership option from the WordPress option settings.   From the WordPress Manager, open the Settings >> General page. Find the ‘Membership’ option and select the ‘Anyone can register’ checkbox. This allows all site visitors to register an account, login, and retrieve a password.

Add one or more short codes to the Popup Editor.   From the WordPress Administrator, select Popup Maker >> All Popups. Create a new pop-up window or edit an existing one. Add one or more ALM short codes to the content editor with the Popup Maker short code button.

Set up one or more triggers in the Popup Settings box. In the Popup Editor, go to Popup Settings >> Triggers and set up one or more triggers to display the popup.

Set one or more cookies in the Popup Settings box under the Trigger Settings, and set one or more cookies to control the popup’s repetition. Cookies must be linked to triggers to work.

Advantages of Popup Maker AJAX Login Modals

The ALM plug-in extension includes a hidden ‘offline user’ pre-set segmentation condition.

By default, ALM pop-ups are designed to be displayed on every page and publication of a site when the condition field on the Orientation tab is empty.

Assign orientation conditions only when you want to activate a pop-up on a specific page or publication, or you want to use an orientation condition not based on content provided by Popup Maker’s Advanced Orientation Conditions.

The Click Open and Click Blocking triggers can also be used to display an ALM popup on specific links within a page.

form links between offline and online users

Extend the AJAX Login Modals add-on

Jungle Plugins user menus.

Manage the display of site navigation links based on a visitor’s login status;

Change a login link from ‘Login’ to ‘Logout’ once a user logs in; and Add a login link to a site navigation menu.

Download Popup Maker AJAX Login Modals


Don’t hesitate to download Popup Maker AJAX Login Modals so you can optimize your website in a better way using all available resources always.

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