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Elite Video Player is a plugin that will allow you to have the video players you like the most on your website and to build playlists with the best designs, in a quick, easy and very attractive way.

If you want to show on your website content that is found on video platforms directly and in a few simple steps, then you must install Elite Video Player on your WordPress.

How Elite Video Player works

How Elite Video Player works

With this plugin you can have a video player that plays videos from platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive Videos, Dropbox Videos, and other platforms, so your visitors will not need to leave your page and will continue to interact with it for longer.

It also works perfectly if you want to place your own videos without the need of any of those platforms, you would only need to have it in mp4 format in your own HTML5 host and it will be ready to play at any time.

This plugin is very easy to apply and no coding is required to start using it and show a uniquely designed video player where you can share the best of your multimedia content with your website visitors.

Elite Video Player Features

Elite Video Player Features

Elite Video Player works with the latest technology and programming, the video player is generated valid HTML5 document, has styled with CSS3 and is even powered by JavaScript & jQuery.

You can customize the video player to best suit your website by changing the color accent to any color in the player’s settings.

You can also count on the subtitles support for HTML5 if it is self-hosted videos or captions for Google Drive, Videos, Dropbox, HLS m3u8, and more.

One of the most striking features is that Elite Video Player works in line with Google Analytics, so you can expect good reports that allow you to analyze how many times videos are being watched, downloaded or the status of the advertising served.

Advantages of Elite Video Player

  • Its installation will not prevent you from working with advertising as you can include it in the videos to be shown. You can serve video preroll, midroll, or postroll and include popup ads in the form of images, at any moment of the video.
  • This plugin is configured with retina ready icons, for a perfect display with awesome icons that sees excellent on high-resolution displays.
  • You can have multiple players on the same page, with lightbox mode you can put an image link anywhere on your site, clicking on it will open you in a lightbox.
  • Works with most popular browsers including Safari and Firefox.
  • You’ll give your visitors a better browsing experience by having your content in one place and with intuitive, easy-to-use controls, including fullscreen.
  • Offering your visitors, a seamless way to watch videos online gives your site an extreme sense of professionalism and increases your web traffic.

Download Elite Video Player

You can be sure that with the download of this plugin your, easy to use, video player will allow you to have a more organized content, besides being totally responsive on any device.

You can download it from our website and get all the necessary documentation for its use and installation, as well as technical support in case you need it.

Do not hesitate to give your visitors the best experience when browsing your website by adding this plugin to your repertoire, it will not interfere with the loading times of your web nor is it necessary to have extensive knowledge in programming.

You will be able to show your videos in an elegant way with the possibility of personalizing the video player to your style.

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