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Ultimate Video Player is one of the best-rated WordPress plugins for playing videos on your website. It can play almost any type of video and can support a variety of playlists.

If you think your website needs a video player either to show an introductory video or to add a playlist with a variety of tutorials or because your music blog wants to show examples directly on videos this plugin is ideal.

By downloading Ultimate Video Player, you will be installing a great tool on your website with which you can undoubtedly increase the engagement of your website.

How Ultimate Video Player works

How Ultimate Video Player works

Nowadays the multimedia content is very important, the videos and audios are already the days in the technology, is what every time is consumed more.

For that reason, it is of extreme importance that your web has the possibility of reproducing videos, either so that your content is more visual or because you want to give another type of message by means of the videos and to call the attention of your clients.

This plugin works very well with add serving and allows you to monetize with your videos so it will not only bring you benefits with respect to the public you reach but also generate passive income through advertising.

Ultimate Video Player works with videos in mp4 format, mp3 audio if it’s from your server, and as an alternative works with YouTube or Vimeo platforms that play directly from your website so that users don’t leave your page while watching your audiovisual content.

Features of Ultimate Video Player

Features of Ultimate Video Player

Ultimate Video Player is a very complete plugin, which is fully responsive so it works on any type of device like Laptops, cell phones, tablets, etc. This way you won’t lose your customers no matter what device they are watching from.

Its system incorporates multiple video engines that allow the videos to be played from any browser.

It can support the number of playlists you want and you can add any number of videos in each of those playlists, with this plugin you can make your WordPress page dedicated to the reproduction of videos.

In each of the videos you add you can use Google AdSense to add advertisement windows that show and hide in a specified time or do the same with pop-up ads.

You can choose from a large number of features like embed and shares, support multiple quality videos and have options like multiple subtitles or playback rates/speeds or select the 360 degrees/ virtual reality and more.

Advantages of Ultimate Video Player

  • When you install this plugin in your WordPress you will allow that from your page you can see videos of different formats and from different platforms, this will vary your content and will enrich it.
  • Videos that are on Google Drive, Dropbox or direct from HLS/M3U8, among other platforms, can be viewed directly from your website without having to redirect your users to another page.
  • Ultimate Video Player brings other tools that can complement your website, such as the Encrypted Video Paths system to avoid stealing by crawling the page source.
  • You can personalize playlist so that only certain users can enjoy its content, placing a password to the chosen videos, this way you can create exclusive content for your community.

Download Ultimate Video Player

This plugin is very complete and necessary if you want to share information that reaches more people through videos. Ultimate Video Player is very easy to download and is available on our website.

Customize everything you show on your website including the videos, with notes you can add while playing or give information and synopses in the descriptions for a better approach to your customers.

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