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TotalDesk is one of the best helpdesk plugins for WordPress as it has proven to be very complete with all the tools needed to give the best support to customers.

Surely you know that customer service and technical support is essential when building your business since the final customer gives a lot of importance to this aspect and is the decisive one to keep coming to your service or not.

So, if you want to offer the best technical support and ensure the success of your business then you should not hesitate to download TotalDesk for WordPress.

How TotalDesk works

How TotalDesk works

First of all, we must know that having a ticket system goes hand in hand with the customer service you want to achieve and offer in your business, so if you are one of those who offer technical service, makes constant product shipments and deals with returns or you have a physical business, then it is important to have a good ticket system.

This system allows you to have everything better organized and you will be able to attend all kinds of demands in a very efficient way so that your customers are well satisfied and keep coming back to your business, and this is what TotalDesk specializes in.

It also complements the ticket system with all kinds of notifications, so that no attention is lost, to Livechat for direct consultations, to create your FAQ space and many other things.

TotalDesk features

TotalDesk features

This plugin allows you to create the tickets by 4 ways and could be by mailbox fetching, via Contact Form, Livechat, or the classic phone.

Then when the ticket is on the system it needs to be categorized, analyzed, and assigned, all this will be done in an automated way by the plugin.

If you need it, you are able to set dome defaults like type or assigned agent and when a ticket is created the agent receives the ticket for star his work, the agent can modify the information and reply directly.

You can also create a FAQ article where you can add the requirements that can constantly be repeated, this way you can save a lot of time and work to the agents, you can always be updating the content as you see more questions being repeated among the users.

In the backend you can filter all the tickets for status and see the history of changes that are logged, you can also export all tickets as excel files for your own analysis.

You also have the option to enter detailed reports where you can see the analysis of the tickets that have been generated, which have been attended, track where the most tickets are added, how many have been created through the years, the status of each ticket and more.

Advantages of TotalDesk

  • With TotalDesk you can have the best of your customer support organizations since from this plugin you can manage everything related to ticket-system, which ensures you can offer an excellent service to your customers.
  • Forget about leaving any question or query unresolved and therefore the bad service comments, with TotalDesk you will be able to know the status of each one of them generated tickets.
  • The best thing is that you can have a live chat if an agent is available to attend your requirements immediately. The chat conversation will be stored in a ticket so you cannot lose the track of a client.

Download TotalDesk

The download of one of the most complete plugins to offer customer service is very easy and can be done directly from this website with a few clicks.

Once you get the file you can start using it easily after a quick configuration, also you can create the FAQ section to have always available in your page immediate answers.

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