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LoftLoader Pro is a perfect plugin to make attractive and eye-catching preloader pages for your visitors. It will not interfere with the loading of your website because it is a very simple and yet powerful plugin.

If you don’t want your visitors to get impatient and then decide to leave while they wait for your page to load, then you should consider downloading this plugin, because it is very innovative and will ensure that your users stay on your website.

How LoftLoader Pro works

How LoftLoader Pro works

As you surely know, when you click on a page there will always be a load waiting time, so it is better to ensure that those moments are friendly to our visitors, because that is where many go without visiting the site again.

So, it is better to ensure those users by offering them a preloader page where, while that loading time passes, they can be distracted with beautiful animations and aesthetically appealing images.

LoftLoader Pro will manage to create preloader pages for your website in the most optimal way, without slowing down the loading times and giving fun and light images that will let users wait for the loading without hardly noticing.

This plugin works with CSS3 animations that give you a fast and flexible realization of those sliders or images you want to use, with easy editing and unique random messages that will appear on your upload page.

You won’t need to handle this preloader with complicated code or programming, its editor is very simple and easy to use.

LoftLoader Pro Features

LoftLoader Pro Features

This plugin has a wide and varied palette of unlimited colors with which you can adapt your animations to the aesthetics of your brand and design of your page so that there is harmony in what you show.

It is a plugin that works perfectly with CSS3, showing to be very fast in building animations, with which you can make rotation, zoom, jump, images that roll, and many other effects.

You can make these animations repeat in a loop, or finish when the page is already loaded. And choose different images depending on the type of device from where they are loading.

You can choose between 19 animations and 6 support custom images to which you can add any kind of transparency or gradient to your background design or your own images.

You can choose when to hide your loading page, this is especially useful when you want pages that show products or portfolios without any distraction so that the information arrives more directly.

Other features

  • Choose to show on global site, or all pages
  • Show it to visitors once per session
  • Show or hide progress indicator
  • Choose one from Google fonts, change font size, weight, and letter spacing for percentage
  • Display custom welcome/loading message
  • Set Minimum load time, so prevent the pre-loader from disappearing too fast, and more.

Advantages of LoftLoader Pro

  • By using this plugin users will be getting a good impression of your page and your business even before entering your content, this will safely increase your traffic and conversions.
  • It is a very lightweight plugin, so its installation will not mean a problem for the loading of your page, on the contrary, it will make the loading no longer a problem since your users will be entertained while waiting.
  • It is suitable for any device and you can modify what you are going to show depending on where the page is loading from.

Download of LoftLoader Pro

If you want to stop losing visitors to your website, then don’t hesitate to download this plug-in directly from our website, it’s quick and easy.

By installing it you will optimize your website and your marketing strategy will be improved due to the increase of visitors you will perceive.

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