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This is a theme designed so that you do not go by indifferent on the web, facilitating a series of tools, displayed in plugins and easy-to-use menus.

In such a way, that the excuses are over, since you can with this acquire a large number of designs, which without a doubt, will give you more than a personalization alternative, allowing you at all costs, to fully deploy your ideas.

If you are looking for a multipurpose theme, here you have found the ideal, and that is that according to the opinion of various users Homey is one of the most complete themes that can exist on the market, taking into account that it offers:

Total control over your designs

Full control over your designs, and all this through a set of templates that the theme brings pre-configured, which will provide you with a large number of alternatives so you can create the space you want, all you have to do is unfold the options menu.

Simple menu creation

Once that is done, you will have to proceed with just one click to try each of the themes, without the need for greater setbacks since these will allow you to recreate the idea more clearly, and what if you do not like the design?

Nothing just by clicking on the options menu you can quickly reload it again, so do not hesitate to do it as quickly as possible, here is a topic with a lot to give.

Maximum customization

Personalized creation, undoubtedly one of the best options is to be able to propose a unique menu and without major setbacks, which makes navigating your portal very easy and makes reading easier for visitors.

So with this theme, you can create as many sections as you want and with the greatest of facilities.


It requires certain precautions, the only drawback that you could present for the handling of this theme, is that you require a minimum of 64 bytes of internal memory in WordPress, since otherwise it will not run you with all its functions.

Likewise, you deserve the installation of a series of plugins, for its correct operation, such is the case that you must install Visual Composer, to take full advantage of your design creation.

A theme with fame

It is a topic, which despite being somewhat long-lived, since it has more than 6 years in the market, it has a large number of followers, who have remained faithful to it, due to its constant updates, which They provide unique compatibility with plugins and packages.

An easy theme to handle and adapt

But best of all, it is a fairly flexible theme, which greatly offers possibilities to recreate the design you want and want, so you do not have to limit yourself, on the contrary, we tell you with all certainty, that if you are new In the area of ​​blogging, it is most recommended that you do forays with Homey, a theme designed for you, that allows you to create whatever you want, and with great ease.

A topic to help in SEO

And it is without a doubt what will most attract you about the subject, is that you have improvements in SEO, which are constantly updated so that you can feel good at ease creating, designing or capturing the content, having to be certain, along with your knowledge , your portal will be positioned as one of the first search results.

Customization thanks to Widgets

In addition, you have customizable widget options, something that will undoubtedly make your site stand out above the rest, making it the most suitable for your purposes, which are the greatest possible attraction for Internet users who report high traffic.

Download HomeyTheme Free

Don’t hesitate any longer and download this theme now, for a low price or totally free, and get ready to start creating your own website as quickly as possible and with the ease you’ve always required.

Without a doubt, you are facing a theme with a lot to offer and in front of which you must download, so that you can load the content you have always wanted and project it as you like.



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