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Many people today are interested in being part of the online world in the form of commerce and virtual shops.

Well, we indicate that the best thing you can have for it, is a theme that collaborates with each of your purposes, without that, you have to worry about knowing codes or more, but on the contrary, it is enough that you have a theme like Alone, that is ideal for it, and that will make your page easier.

It is a powerful theme designed by WooCommerce for WordPress, so that it could have a high-quality theme, for the publication of any product, or so that people wishing to enter the online market, could recreate their own store.

And it is that according to the opinion of users, having Alone has been a real relic for them, and it is that it has allowed them to create their own store as easily as possible, without having to envy absolutely nothing to Amazon, Ebay or the Latin American giant Mercado Libre.

Since it has a multiplicity of functions that position it as number one in topics for online commerce, which are:

Easy Setup

No one can deny the fact that nothing better than having a theme that gives you the possibility to create light modifications, considering that it offers you a wide variety of colors so that you can recreate the web, giving you the possibility to make slight variations in the different options that you want to add to it.

As it also offers you the opportunity to create unique galleries, through which you can show your products, with great ease, being able to perceive comfortably the characteristics of them, and navigate with great simplicity between the different categories

A theme designed for virtual stores

This is an ideal theme for anyone who has stores and wants to project them on the web, as it is also ideal for anyone who wants to enter online commerce.

Likewise, it offers 24 hours a day’s support, so you have nothing to worry about, because in case of any inconvenience or problem, you can perfectly contact the creators to help you expeditiously solve any kind of inconvenience that may be presented to you.

Creating galleries

Without a doubt a theme that knows how to please users, is the possibility to be able to make galleries for the exhibition of their products, with the idea, that your page can show as best as possible the goods, as if it were an Amazon.

Ease to sell

It allows selling anything, obviously as long as it is legitimate, from physical products to products that have a virtual appearance, that is, that they are virtual products, for example, that is why it is indicated as an ideal, for those who wish to enter the book sector and obtain an extra income from the sale of these.

Tracking system

It has tracking systems, that is, like every store, this theme allows you to keep up with sales, keeping track of orders and available stocks, so nothing will be out of sight, thanks to the internal system of this, which allows you to keep your inventory up to date.

User friendly

Friendly system, effectively it recreates a store to give everything, but also allows a kind of friendly relationship with your customers, since they can leave you comments on the product and service and even suggestion, but beware, this feature does not daunt you, since that you can easily see the comments before rating it.

The best ever

Without a doubt, a theme that will not only give you the best of visions as an online theme, but will also earn you more and therefore boost your sales, and best of all, it has a compatible mobile version with most devices.

Download Alone Multipurpose WordPress Theme Free

Don’t worry about a theme, which can be too easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about it so you can download it totally for free.

Do not hesitate, and download this theme for free now, so that you can form the blog or the store that you want so much, and you can get ahead as you have always wanted.



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