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If you are prepared to design your website in the best way, do not hesitate, you have found the ideal theme, and it is that without a doubt MediaCenter is a theme with which you can achieve it, since it gives you as functionalities the following.

You are about to know one of the best-selling topics, considering that it is multipurpose, so it is ideal for the creation of blogs, shops and news spaces.

Updates forever

Without a doubt a theme that has a series of free updates for life, that is, that while you use the theme, you do not have to be distressed, since it can enjoy it to the fullest, since it is constantly updated and always for the better, if so, that it becomes complex, you just send suggestions so that they can improve it.

Full compatibility

It is compatible with the latest version of WordPress 4.8, 5.0, that is, you won’t have to worry about adapting it, through other applications that are otherwise complex, considering that it comes with a patent, that in old times presented incompatibilities, however, with this theme you don’t have to worry.

It effectively comes more than ready for WooCommerce 3.5+, so you can enjoy it with a lot of packages, which will make your experience much easier and more entertaining.

Special SEO

Without a doubt a theme, that will help you with the positioning of the content, since it has optimized SEO tools, so you don’t have to be distressed but on the contrary you have to make the most of it so that you can position thanks to it, the content that you want to sell so much.

Easy content layout

And the organization is simple, being so that the preparation of your page, will be possible both with the option of drag and drop, where you can include any element that you consider relevant to your page, being otherwise easy to use.

It is defined by elegance in design

Theme that focuses on elegance, no one can deny that what is raised on the web, is a reflection of reality, it is so that this theme, has been designed to show those companies that know good taste and design, so that it is the best for the best.

Galleries with movement

It has a great function, as is the creation of image gallery, through which you can present your products with great ease, in case you decide to make a virtual store, or if you want to set up a personal website, you can display your images as you like and under the best style.

Dynamic display, a series of functions that will not let you go unnoticed at any time, you will be able to show your images with great dynamism, so that you will be a great website.

Show your videos to all give

It looks like YouTube, and thanks to this theme, you can count on the support of looking like one of the giants of the multimedia world, it is so, how you can count on applications or videos where your content is shown in a much more entertaining way.

You can create a store

If you decide to form a store, do not worry because you will be able to place a shopping cart, and that is that thanks to this theme you will be able to increase your profits, managing to create the virtual store that you want and need to grow your business.

Download Metamax WordPress theme

You are faced with an ideal theme, one that will allow you to create everything you have ever wanted, so don’t let it pass and take advantage of it so that you download it totally for free now.

And if you start a virtual store with this theme you can recreate galleries where you can showcase your products and where to sell them with great ease, without a doubt, a theme for both blogs and virtual store, a real theme.


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