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Theme designed for WordPress, this is ideal for any theme, hence it has been christened as multipurpose, being acquired by anyone who wants to undertake the fun adventure of setting up a web space or a personal blog.

Assiduous users of the subject, have indicated that it is ideal, that is how among its community of followers you can find all kinds of professionals, such as lawyers, doctors or the very weighted FreeLancer, who do not tire of pointing out that Jobseek is the best of all options.

This is one of the first themes that was recreated in its mobile version, so that it is an innovation, and so its creators have decided to maintain it, as a true innovation that allows people to achieve their purposes through the best virtual store they can have.

Diversity of themes

The best thing about this theme is that everything makes it simple, without it means that your space will not have the design you deserve, verbigracia will be able to have three different models which are:

  • Jungle, which makes you a site similar to Amazon’s, that is, with its diversity of categories and with the possibility to see the product and the different opinions that you have about it.
  • Default, a simple but quite organized vision, for all those who want to capture their ideas as they like and without presenting major drawbacks, than those that may be colored to select to your liking.
  • Manufacturer, it is an ideal design for all those who will venture for the first time in the online world, without having much experience, but who will gradually grow and gain spaces.

Suggestions for customers

This is an intuitive theme, not only because of the ease with which it can be recreated, but also because of the ease with which designs can be managed, that is, the ease with which people will be able to locate their products, since it has the possibility to predict the product through a system of predictions.

This is how it comes to a word, it can offer a list of similar products, as if it were a list of preferences.


An otherwise moved theme, which will be very rewarding and comfortable for your users, since they will be able to buy and appreciate the shopping cart, as well as see gradually the order next to their amounts.

Optimal compatibility

This is compatible with both WPBakery or Elementor, so that as a user the visual layout that is otherwise convenient, you do not have to be distressed, whatever you choose will work perfectly, without abrupt changes to your page.

That is, in none of the cases, you will suffer improper adaptations or changes or configurations that affect your content, because the layout and theme do not adjoin, this being a strong point of Jobseek as a theme.

Templates for beginners and advanced

It has a series of templates that make it the ideal theme, whatever the content of your website, it is so, as it has been chosen by fast food sites, hospitalitys, spas and even marketing agencies, for the possibility of presenting your projects in image gallery.

So, don’t hesitate and buy it, certainly its price may seem a little onerous, but consider all the possibilities of creations that you can achieve thanks to it.

Multimedia content with facilities

In particular, if you like multimedia content, this template is also the right one, since it presents a series of alternatives already pre-configured so that you can locate your elements, as well as has modes of effects so that you can highlight them as you like.

Download Jobseek Theme Free

Don’t worry, this time you have a theme that is the ideal one for you, that is why we present all its features and we have it totally free so that you can enjoy it.

An ideal theme for you, that you have been waiting for a simple, easy but majestic in functions, well, you have nothing to complain about, in this you have everything, do not wait any longer and download it totally free now.

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