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A theme for those who love the fashion, the avant-garde and everything that has to do with the modern, the dynamic, and the attractive, without a doubt, a theme designed for the most daring and for the most risky who bet everything on their website and is that not in vain Revo, it gives you the possibility to position yourself in the search results through the following features or components.

Discover how you can get to have an ideal video website, without having to know codes, programming or other tools that involve the intricate system of the web, you just have to download this theme and adapt it to your WordPress, and apply to stand up.

Certainly nothing better than having something expertly designed, that is how this issue, has so many adherents, given, that excellence defines it.

100% compatible

High compatibility, without a doubt, taking into account the diversity of browsers that exist, you can not conceive a static theme, that for example can only run with Mozilla, and that easily hangs with others.

That is why, thinking of all its users Revo is launched to the market as one of the most compatible themes, which can be downloaded by which browser and can equally be executed in any of these, without causing major problems to its users.

Easy to use with Facebook

But that’s not all, but it’s also compatible with one of the most powerful social networks in everything, such as Facebook, and you can even interrelate your portal with your profile if you wish, with just one button.

100 design possibilities

You can make all the designs you want just by applying this theme, and best of all, you can do it with great ease, you don’t have to present greater complications since this actually makes it mega easy, all you have to do is select the template you like and place it to run.

Colourful personalization

Fill yourself in colors, one of the best options, is that you have all the menus possible so that you can create the dynamism you want so much, all you have to try is to seek a little help in your internal tutorials in case something gets complicated.

Constant updates

It has regular updates, which allow you a unique compatibility with most browsers and plugins, and is that this is one of its strengths, having a system of periodic updates, that allow more easily the layout of the content and its greater projection on the web.

Attractive design

Its great appeal, has options to be able to create what you want, and without so many complications and is that to be able to use it, you do not have to know codes, because to design, you only have to drag the element and realesed, wherever you want, so you can do this directly from your media library, or from your browser.

Customization to the extreme

Customization to the extreme, no doubt with this theme, your blog will fit what you want, since you have easy-to-create backgrounds, templates to select to create the page as you like and unlimited color options.

Templates and demos to get started

But the best thing is the layout of initial page templates, and galleries so that you can arrange the content as you like and nothing limits you, and is that it is certainly not easy to work with multimedia, but it is possible to let yourself be helped, for this theme has initial templates so that you can configure your style and achieve the video playback site that you want so much wanting , with the greatest of successes.

Download Fable Children WordPress Theme

Do not hesitate, but it is this a theme where you can design and count on everything you have always wanted, being able to project it in a thousand and a few ways, it is only a matter of you deciding for it and downloading it for free.

Without a doubt, a theme specially designed so that you can manage your multimedia content as you like, and so that you can create the website that you always wanted, do not wait any longer and download it for free now.




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