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For many people who have web pages is quite important the ads and the impact they have on the web, WP Pro Adverstising System is a wordpress add-on that helps you in many ways to manage in an optimal and secure way the ads on your website.

What is WP Pro Adverstising System

The WordPress Plugin “WP PRO Advertising System” approves it by imitating the control commercials related to your WordPress site. It has many snarky features in imitating yoke ads on your website, rules advertisers, campaigns, banners, and full ad zones in just a few seconds.

In addition to including everyday banners the add-on allows you to agree to generate Corner Peel ads, Popup Banners or even run your backgrounds from publications/pages in ads. In addition, it tracks clicks, impressions and CTR according to give you clear and orderly statistics.

How WP Pro Adverstising System works


Keep a clear and then white description on whether the impressions / deep clicks your commercials find still recognize the CTR due to any and all ads, advertising zones, marketing campaigns or advertisers. This is also possible according to the export data according to PDF.

In addition to the banner information, the plug-in also tracks user-specific information because every click on print.

Make sure that your traffic is not attracted according to the recommended inconsistent ads. Display particular relevant banners based on the user’s device, driver and cell phone brand

Make sure your banners are displayed in the right place at the right time! The construction between the sign triggers allows you to match the display banners so that customers can focus on a specific function on the page or later on a specific addition with respect to time.

Features of WP Pro Adverstising System



By creating profiles thanks to your advertisers, link banners to your money due and then keep a fair overview of what is happening with your website’s advertising.




Create more than one marketing campaign per advertiser. Campaigns allow you to advertise on unique days of the week, but often simply according to the crew, a large number of banners together.



Create vivid and comprehensive HTML5 banners with the use of the built-in Visual Banner Creator! Make a selection from multiple options to collect but make banners.

– Upload a banner beyond your laptop or link an external banner

– Paste HTML code (adSense, iframes, HTML5, SVG, …)

– Create your own elastic HTML5 banners using our Visual Banner Creator.


You can place add-ons anywhere you need on your website. As fast as you can link a banner in imitation of an adzone, your intention will remain in relation to your site. Adzones can support any size.

– There are four methods to link adzones according to your website.

– Template tag: a PHP function you can include in your template.

– Shortcode: a shortcode that you can use in your publications / pages.

– Widgets: use the custom Pro Ads widget after displaying your ads inside the sidebar but damage the areas.

– Iframes: this option also allows you to receive backyard ads related to the main website. Now you run your ads on every website you need, however you monitor them from 1 administration panel!

Advantages of WP Pro Adverstising System







– Display ads related to someone’s device.


Add commercials imitating your MailChimp newsletters. All ads have their own RSS feed which makes it so viable to assign your MailChimp banners and then display them in your newsletters.

Download WP Pro Adverstising System


WP Pro Adverstising System is the ideal complement to manage correctly all the ads you need so if you want to work correctly you must download WP Pro Adverstising System.


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