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WP Online Contract is one of the best and most used plugins in WordPress to create and manage online contracts and customize them as you need them, in a very professional and fast way.

If in your business you constantly manage contracts with your clients to make links between your business and your clients, then you need to do it in a modern and efficient way and this is what will allow you to do WP Online Contract.

How WP Online Contract works

How WP Online Contract works

By installing this plugin you will be able to have a more direct link with your customers since you will make these contracts safely and online, which gives a modern look to your business and will give more security to the counterpart to link with you.

This plugin is special for creating contracts and differs greatly from typical forms as it even allows you to make electronic signatures and add other data for greater security, and then save and print.

This plugin creates contracts that are 100% responsive, no matter what device they are viewed from, they will be clear and will not lose information or quality if viewed from a cell phone, tablet or PC.

In addition, they are very customizable, you can edit them very easily as if it were a text file, to place the conditions and data you want or detail them in shortcodes. They can be hosted directly on your website.

Features of WP Online Contract

Features of WP Online Contract

It has a very easy to use editor where you can create your own contract template as you need, you can do reusable contracts for users sign a contract without creating the contract every time.

You can create contracts with the option to complete the data of interest and importance before the final signature for a review and as a final step asks for the necessary payments, this plugin includes different payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe or Skrill.

You can protect certain special contracts by using a password, in addition, you can ask for files of interest to be attached as contract requirements or others before the final signature.

The security between the parties is very important so this plugin can save the data of the IP address and the time that the signature was made, thus tracking the place and time when the contract was signed.

You can reopen a contract by removing a signature and open for changes, and have a record of authorship that gives you the legal support that is modified every time a contract is modified or opened, this is important because it records every move made with the contract.

Place open requirements on a contract so that you can modify it and open it, otherwise, it only allows you to view the options and values without allowing you to edit.

Advantages of WP Online Contract

  • All this plugin is created thinking about the ease of both parties to make contracts and that these give total confidence and security when signing them. It also allows you to manage every aspect of the contract so that you can make all the changes you want.
  • By using this plugin you improve the service offered by your website automatically, since it allows you to optimize the way you make contracts and address your customers more professionally.
  • It has several options to help you get organized such as notifications and the possibility of making reusable contracts.

Download WP Online Contract

Make totally safe and reliable contracts with this plugin that you can download from our website directly.

Edit them as you like, have the possibility to print, save or reopen them leaving a safe and reliable record with one of the best plugins to make contracts.

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