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WooCommerce Social Login is a plugin for WordPress that allows your website visitors to enter the system very quickly and with just a few clicks, using accounts that the visitor already has on a social network platform, thus avoiding registration processes that may bore the user.

Logging into your system with a username and password can be beneficial for several reasons.

For example, it allows you to obtain user registrations and therefore you can increase your subscribers or give exclusive content to certain customers, however, if you misuse this strategy it can mean loss of customers.

This registration or login to your system should be fast and optimal, so that customers do not flee when seeing long procedures, where they ask for many data to enter, with WooCommerce Social Login can facilitate that entry allowing users to not lose interest in your website.

How WooCommerce Social Login works

You can have the fastest way to register to the network with the installation of this plugin, which makes the login process less tedious.

Just by logging in with your Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram and many other accounts, you will be using your website as if you had your own account in the system.

Just by looking at the buttons of the different social platforms to enter your website, you will be attracting the attention of that large percentage of users who prefer to miss out on content as long as they do not go through a long registration process, this means that your website traffic will increase.

We must take into account that the income to your website takes more relevance when talking about WooCommerce pages, in which the sale of products and attract the attention of users is the main thing to make successful sales, so facilitating the income will be many benefits for your website.

WooCommerce Social Login Features


If you already have a login page to your website, this plugin will complement it and will not interfere with users who were already registered before.

New users can choose the form of their registration and old users can choose whether to link their account to the offered platforms.

From your WordPress Admin account, you can choose the position and order of the buttons on these networks, as well as which ones you will offer from the many options, for registration. All this with a simple drag and drop.

This plugin has automatic updating so you don’t have to be on the lookout for updates or waste time looking for unnecessary procedures to perform them.

This tool will also offer you reports with graphics to know from which platforms the users are registering and which are the most used, this will allow you to create more specific marketing strategies according to the data thrown by the plugin.

Download from WooCommerce Social Login

Your website visitors will no longer need to remember complex passwords and have several failed attempts to log in and make purchases on your WooCommerce, since with a single button they will be able to access the website.

Since most people stay with their account session open, they can easily return to your store with less than a click and make their purchases more easily.

That is why WooCommerce Social Login has a seamless integration no matter what sales branch you are in.

By linking your website to important networks such as Facebook, Line or Amazon you will also be communicating to your customers that they can make their purchases with total confidence as they are dealing with a professional and quality website, this will immediately increase your sales level.




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