TotalPoll Pro -Responsive Wordpress Poll Plugin


It is normal to want to cover many aspects when you have a website, but, believe it or not, this is something totally valid if you have the exact tools to achieve it TotalPoll Pro -Responsive WordPress Poll Plugin.

What is TotalPoll Pro -Responsive WordPress Poll Plugin

TotalPoll Pro -Responsive WordPress Poll Plugin is a WordPress Voting Plugin. It is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to easily propagate and integrate surveys. It offers various alternatives and purposes to allow you to have full power at the top of the polls, or it has become easier because of you according to the use.

TotalPoll Pro -Responsive WordPress Poll Plugin Features


– Made by WordPress, using the WordPress APIs.

– Easy installation.

– Easy ballot creation process.

– One-click updates.

– Easy-to-use interface with mobile focus first.

– SEO-ready polls along structured data from

– Unlimited surveys, options, layouts, colors, designs, fonts, including customization settings.

– Custom fields: text, textual content area, checkbox, decay under the decision menu, including custom CSS training but validations (email, required, etc.)

– Portable surveys. Export, import someone’s ballot, including the built-in WordPress tool

– Detailed information, but results.

– Records with clear information (time, IP, browser, etc.)

– WordPress support

– Support bad skills directly from your WordPress control panel.



Benefits of TotalPoll Pro -Responsive WordPress Poll Plugin

– Create, edit, dust off and expel surveys.

– Edit ballot title, question.

– Poll list including short codes and number of votes

– Sorting options.

– Change visibility of the wish.

– Mass participation regarding elections.

– Edit or restore the votes of the voting alternatives.

– Block votes again via gateau, including the possibility of setting a customised waiting time.

– Block new votes via IP along with the ability to place a custom stop and white list and then black list.

– Establish membership exclusivity (only selected consumer roles vote)

– Enable Captcha (reCaptcha driven).

– Set a quota.

– Set a start and end date and both.

– Regenerating unique poll ID to restore voters.

– Customize result snippets (votes, percentage).

– Set the number in the minimum selection options according to the vote.

– Set the wide range on maximum preferences selected in vote matching.

– Enable paging.

– Set rule criteria, but direction (votes, alphabetical, ascending, race, etc.).

– Allow sending of people (another field).

– Manage custom fields.

– Set non-existence value.

– Enable validations.

– Full (required).

– Email address

– Unique.

– Words allowed and forbidden.

– Regular expressions (regular expressions).

– Set custom CSS instructions because the subject enters or

– Customize discipline template.

– Include among statistics.

– Change survey template.

– Set non-appearance values.

– Reset after absence values.

– Election votes.

– Votes in the last 30 days of activity.

– Votes over months.

– Votes over years.

– Browsers

– Platforms (operating systems).

– Customized fields.

– Print and then download the load results.

– Install extension.

– Uninstall extension.

– Activate extension.

– Edit extension.

– Install template.

Download TotalPoll Pro -Responsive WordPress Poll Plugin


Download TotalPoll Pro -Responsive WordPress Poll Plugin will help you make your survey website good and attractive enough for everyone.

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