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Smart Offers is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to take advantage of your WooCommerce store’s offers so that customers don’t miss out on any, as it helps you display them in an eye-catching way that helps grow sales.

If you want to start implementing a quick way to increase your online sales and encourage your customers to make specific bargain purchases or draw their attention to services with special offers, then you should use Smart Offers.

This plugin is especially for use in your WooCommerce store and you are sure that soon after its installation you will be able to enjoy the immediate performance of your marketing strategies that will increase your engagement.

How Smart Offers works

How Smart Offers works

Smart Offers is special to highlight certain products in your WooCommerce store and make upsells, cross-sells, one time offers, and more. You can use this plugin by integrating it into your type of marketing strategy.

This plugin allows you to create offers that are specially targeted and can be applied at any time and thanks to the way it is built it pushes customers to make quick decisions that are beneficial to both parties.

Position your offers intelligently to capture more audience, this plugin is made so that some prospect can make the decision to buy additional products while they are buying another, this psychological technique is very effective, and is used in pages of large stores like Amazon, for example.

Smart Offers features

Smart Offers features

Smart Offers is very dynamic and offers different visualizations of offers, for example, Giveaways, Buy One Get One or Coupons, Discounted order Bumb among many other types of offers that you can configure according to the sales strategy you are using.

The editor is very easy to use and you can create as many offers as you like, you can set it up with specific rules that are targeted to a specific audience, for example, deciding which products especially can be sold to complement it.

No coding required just select the product to offer and set offer price, decide where do you want to show the offer on your page, if you want to show like a pop-up or inline, then choose when the offer shows up, publish and preview, very easy to use.

The best thing about Smart Offers is that it lets you design flexible sequence according to how the sale is taking place, for example, it lets you show another down sell it can specifically order is rejected or redirect to another URL there are many powerful actions you can create with this plugin.

Advantages of Smart Offers

  • With Smart Offers you will be able to create much more attractive offers and, in this way, widely increase the audience to which they are addressed and therefore your sales and traffic to your website.
  • You have full control over your offers and the way they are shown to your customers, with this plugin you can manage it in a way that best suits your store and your inventory stock.
  • The best thing is that this plugin also tracks conversion metrics and this way you can review the reports and optimize your offers, and see how Smart Offers is working on your site.
  • You can choose how these offers will appear when they are shown and what types of offers are shown according to the customer’s actions, completely personalized offers.

Download Smart Offers

If you have a WooCommerce store it is necessary to have this plugin with you since it will only bring you benefits in your sales, you can easily download it from our website.

Once you have the plugin file, the installation will be done in minutes and you can quickly start making the necessary adjustments to start showing the best offers in your store and increase your sales.

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