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Technology and user demand is changing and growing every day, now everyone wants more real things to be handled in 3D no matter what the real content of a website is, Real 3D Flipbook is designed with the intention that you make your website and your files quite realistic and eye-catching in every way.

What is Real 3D Flipbook

Real3D Flipbook transforms your files into extremely realistic 3D flipbooks with animations, lights or shadows filling web pages. Easy to use and completely customizable. No need to be amazed, one hundred percent HTML5.

No server-side conversion, everything is done at runtime, simply use the pdf file for consideration url and images. It helps to make the HTML content of the pages solid, assimilate videos, text, images, links, floating frames or YouTube fads across online CSS.


How Real 3D Flipbook works


  • Creating flipbooks is quick and easy, simply add PDF or pix or let the short code enter between your publication and page.


  • Make a 3D genre book immediately next to the PDF file. The PDF flipbook helps with textual content choice and text querying, including keyword highlighting. All hyperlinks within the pdf will act normally within the flipbook.


  • Make effect flipbooks also beyond the images. The images can be horizontal but vertical, a single web page or a double page, including the cover as a single page.


  • Real3D Flipbook uses WebGL in imitation of the extremely gender-sensitive 3D flipbooks along with web page bending, bright pages, lights and shadows.


  • Ultra-fast or lightweight flipbook taken with CSS3, except that it uses WebGL. If your priority is fast web page hosting or high performance after CSS flipbook is the best choice.

Advantages of Real 3D Flipbook


– Unlimited Flipbooks

You can get an infinite number on the books, as they remain located somewhere on your website.


– Manage Flipbooks

You can edit, play and extrude books beyond your library. You can also export all books to JSON. The duplicate feature allows you to create flipbooks from templates, so you can quickly get instant flipbooks by duplicating the template.


– Short code parameters

Short code supports a range with respect to unique parameters because it is even simpler to use.


– Lightbox mode (pop-up)

With a passion for the light box, he makes a text link and a photo link somewhere on his site and when you click on a link, the flipbook option opens in a light box.


– Receptive mode (in box)

Receptive dyeing creates an animated book that includes a non-mandatory amount that can be placed anywhere within a page and publication.


Features Real 3D Flipbook

– Realistic 3D web turn animation

– customizable ignition rate and then change of status type

– 3D revolution book

– customizable appearance lights

– response design

– optimized due to the mobile: appearance and sense of a local application in relation to the mobile along with finger swipe, zoom pinch, etc.

– works on all major platforms, no Flash Player required to run

– intelligent page loading: only state-of-the-art pages are loaded

– choose the practical WebGl tint but the interactive CSS3D mode

– show all pages: thumbnails

– table of material content – customizable

Download Real 3D Flipbook


This add-on will help you a lot to make your website have everything you need for very good animations and effects. Download Real 3D Flipbook.

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