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The pages created with the intention of being web questionnaires are quite used nowadays, in fact, they are used a lot in order to facilitate the entrance of people to some place or simply by distraction of a few users.

Whatever the intention of your website for the creation of forms I recommend MyThemeShop WP Quiz Pro.

What is MyThemeShop WP Quiz Pro


MyThemeShop WP Quiz Pro is a totally modern wordpress add-on that gives you the ability to create and add modern and sensitive forms to your website.

WP Quiz Pro allows you to easily accumulate polished, cool and current quizzes after your website and blog! Increase your quote and actions while building your mailing list! WP Quiz Pro makes it easy! WP Quiz Pro is the great variety of certain WordPress add-ons because of its muscular but impressive quiz construction.

How MyThemeShop WP Quiz Pro works

Use quizzes in mock viral walking and then break your jump rhythm! Thanks for imitating WP Quiz Pro, that couldn’t be easier! If you are the kind of person who is interested in creating high traffic publications, you are running to buy our instant product.

The creation of Viral Quiz is precisely the method that websites have used BuzzFeed after the effect posts acquired 22page views and 3 million associative shares.

The superior rate WP Quiz Pro plugin makes the development of Quizzes convenient or effortless. Five types of exceptional tricks are covered, giving you adequate alternatives to create unique patterns during your Quiz.

call to be free visitors and then form a cluster on brand awareness, including WP Quiz Pro. It’s the plugin you’ve been waiting for. Here are a variety of options we offer between WP Quiz Pro.

Adding new quizzes Five exceptional tricks are covered, giving you adequate alternatives to create unique patterns during your Quiz.


Advantages of MyThemeShop WP Quiz Pro


– Trivia Quiz Type

– Swiper Quiz Type

– Flip Card Quiz Type

– Facebook Test

– Adding questions

– Adding results

– Different testing possibilities

– Facebook Test

– Multi-page personality test

– Personality test with subscription chart

– FB Personality Test Share After Counseling Results

– Trivia Quiz Single Page

– Multipage Trivia Quiz

– Swiper Quiz


MyThemeShop WP Quiz Pro features

– Unique questionnaire style

– Change question color

– Choose next to 2 unique masks

– Change question source

– Change the background color of the question

– Single questionnaire configuration

– Randomize questions

– Random responses

– Reset questions

– Enable supplemental mention

– Show alternate embedded code

– Show then Hide Share buttons

– Enable countdown timer

– Enable automatic scrolling according to the following question

– Show correct / incorrect answers after the test

– Force of action according to See results

– Show or hide ads next to the questionnaire

– General configuration of the add-on

– Integrate Google Analytics

– Use MailChimp and GetResponse to mimic collecting email IDs

– Enable random questions due to all tests

– Random responses to all questionnaires

– Enable restart questions for all quizzes

– Promote the plug-in on all questionnaires

– Option to use MyThemeShop user ID due to profit commissions

– Show alternate embedded code

– Hide but Show Share buttons in all areas

– Enable and then disable OpenGraph

– Enter Facebook ID

– Show and hide advertisements in respect of all questionnaires

– Show ads and then every nth question

– Ad Enable Repeat Option

– Countdown

– Automatic scrolling option

– Strength of action before results


Download MyThemeShop WP Quiz Pro


As you can see there are many good things to highlight from this add-on and why it would be a good decision to download MyThemeShop WP Quiz Pro.



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