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Flow-Flow – WordPress Social Stream Plugin is an add-on to worspress that takes care of imitating conventional social media to give your website more movement with respect to users and customer traffic you will be constantly dealing with.

Because of its price, the plugin is a considerable option according to the web services, so you must pay the monthly payment due to a similar functionality. No monthly subscription throughout Flow-Flow WordPress Social Stream

How Flow-Flow works – WordPress Social Stream Plugin


Intelligent caching across the historical enterprise of the previous server approves it in accordance with the trusted content material at full speed, preventing gradual page loading.

This is especially necessary when many networks are spread out, but you have tremendous traffic. Skip according to “How it works” sharing according to overseas verification details. Plugin is compassionate or mobile device workshop.

It is super necessary to make use of that plugin because it transmits your news, photos, reviews and then someone who can ignore the content you can imagine when only one network is no longer enough.

The plug-in doesn’t expose your private details (like tokens, application IDs and application secrets) according to the browser, but it keeps such respect to the server, so we provide one hundred percent protection due to any sensitive data.

The add-on offers powerful equipment and can recommend reputation with respect to all your linked feeds and troubleshoot easily.

Features of Flow-Flow – WordPress Social Stream Plugin

Facebook: then publish albums on Common Pages (fan pages).

Twitter: home timeline, people feed, query * including hashtags, consumer lists, I like feed.

Instagram: photos of consumers from the community, with the help of the username, by hashtag, through the location. Currently API modifications are supported.

YouTube: user, channels, search, commons playlist.

Google+: any public profile.

Pinterest: mass user then dashboard.

SoundCloud: people playlists.

LinkedIn: updates and business jobs (since recent API modifications, you must be an administrator in the organization’s page after moving it).

Quadrangular: tips of places, photos of the area.

Flickr: photos of community users, photos with the help of the tag.

Dribbble: common user posts, I like it with respect to the user.

WordPress: blog posts, comments, custom post types, posts in particular categories, comments on unique posts.

(only the personal site, other blogs can be streamed via RSS feeds)

Tumblr: photo publications (will continue to be more important in the future).

Vimeo: movies of people about user, album, aqueduct and then as dinner about the user.

RSS: some legitimate RSS feed. ATOM format is not supported.

The Twitter Search API restricts tweets to within one week.


Advantages of Flow-Flow – WordPress Social Stream Plugin


WordPress Social Stream features

Perfect API connection!

Connect Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare with one click! Other networks are incoming.

Content Moderation

Visual Composer element

Buttons for sharing on social networks!

All famous social networks AND their number are growing (based on famous requests).

Smart Caching Server The

flows are deposited almost instantly. It is not necessary according to the load data each time.

CSS3 transforms the animation

It shows the beneficial performance but the speed.

Cozy administration panel

Intuitive and bright interface including a preview of the room

The Lightbox galleries

Fantastic seems to include fascinating animations. Intelligent media preloading.

Well-documented background with room configuration guides.

Responsive design with slide-in assistance due to sliding on cellular devices.

Change highly customizable colors, use predefined presets, create your own individual business card design, etc.

Sorting and search bar

It allows you to locate unique publications and sort content through sources. Enjoyable interaction

Beautiful animations or delay effects.

Download Flow-Flow – WordPress Social Stream Plugin

This is the ideal complement if you want a good imitation and to have all the social networks aligned with your Flow-Flow web – WordPress Social Stream Plugin.



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