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It’s no secret that managing social networks can be one of the best tools available today, so if you want to venture into this part of the internet it’s not a bad idea at all, a good plus for your website would be to have Elegant theme Monarch Social Media Sharing a wordpress plug-in to be able to share on social networks in an elegant and eye-catching way.

How Elegant theme Monarch Social Media Sharing works


Choose next to 20 communal distribution networks after displaying on your website. Add or organize someone in relation to the available networks according to create a custom collection rather than splitting selections because of your visitors.

Different websites, pages and publications have unique neighborhood delivery needs. That’s where we’ve made a good decision about which locations you can select according to the neighborhood sharing buttons.

Perfect for weblog publications but with strong page content, Monarch approves after dividing the buttons in the vicinity of the content material area, below the content area, and between the two locations.

Advantages of Elegant theme Monarch Social Media Sharing

– In pictures and videos

Arguably, media is the closest shared content on the web, so Monarch makes media distribution too easy. When clients fall behind with media elements within their content, the sharing buttons get absorbed between them because sharing is quick and easy.

– Automatic Pop-Up

Monarch allows you to propagate auto-distribution pop-ups that can be activated with the help of timed delays, then a person gets to the end of a post and then to the page, and then leaves the page too much. These are particularly effective.

– Automatic flyin

Similar according to the provoked pop-ups, the fly-ins are another significant way in conformity with the occupation of the attention of its readers so that it is almost committed.

– 6 automatic opening and opening triggers

Pop-ups or Flyins execute the activated stay based on totally special personal interactions. This allows you after capturing the attention of your visitors, then she is almost committed, and now they are at risk of leaving your page.

– Timed delay

Choose a timed lengthening because pop-ups or flyers appear accordingly, as it was triggered after your readers had been on a page due to a unique duration in relation to time.

Features of Elegant theme Monarch Social Media Sharing

– Show a pop-up or a distribution flight according to your customers, after the purchase is finished, then those can be separated in the online store together with friends and family.


– If a user is unaware of your website for too long, Monarch can be activated according to regaining your visitor’s attention through a pop-up or fly-in.


– Allowing your users to view your social networking profiles, watch the counts, and seamlessly turn out to be a student is more than necessary because any business or individual.


– Monarch makes each of them viable throughout a temperate environment without effort.


– More than 35 social networks according to Choose From


– Place the tracking buttons in some widget area and then display with a short code


– Clean and customizable design


– Choose button shapes, colors, and scrolling effects


– Show network names and social counts


– Choose your icon orientation


– Elegantly sensitive


– Lightning speed


– The Monarch board


– Configure all your display settings


– Check your statistics


– Import and export of Monarch data

Download Elegant theme Monarch Social Media Sharing


Elegant theme Monarch Social Media Sharing is the best complement in an elegant way to work with social networks from your website.

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