Contact us all-in-one button with callback request feature for WordPress


Contact us all-in-one button is one of the best plugins that you can offer in your WordPress a button from which users can contact you through different platforms, such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

If you are looking for a way to generate a more direct relationship with your customers through your WordPress, then Contact us all-in-one button is the solution, since from a single place the user can choose how to contact you directly to any of the platforms offered.

How Contact us all-in-one button works

How Contact us all-in-one button works

No matter the business or service under which your website is working, at all times you will need your customers to contact you, either to resolve any doubts about your services, address any complaints or suggestions, or for any questions they have about prices and products.

To make this link direct and convenient you can do it through the most used platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegram, the most used, and therefore the most likely to have your customers. Make this link with a button that contains direct contact from the most popular platforms.

Contact us all-in-one button offers you a clear, friendly, and non-invasive way of contacting your customers, and from a single button displayed, you can display the different contact options, including a callback request feature.

With a single click on the button and then another on the chosen platform, they can send their questions or concerns directly to you, so that you or your team can attend to them immediately and thus enhance your customer service.

By default, contact-us button displayed in the right bottom corner of the page, you can change this in the editor.

Contact us all-in-one button features

Contact us all-in-one button features

The button containing the platforms with which the user will contact you does not or does not disturb the navigation of your website and when you click on it, it will make itself known with light transitions that will be shown on the left or right side of the screen as you choose.

It has a call request button, where the user can leave their number and ask to be called back for more personalized attention, this works perfectly for businesses that offer technical service.

This button is very customizable and you can choose from a wide range of colors and icons for the design of your button, as well as create the message you want to appear when entering a chat.

You can choose the way it will appear on the different devices from which it is displayed, you can place three main platforms if it is being viewed from a mobile device or give a wider range of options if it is being viewed from a PC.

Other features

  • Callback request – customer call easily request a call-back to his/her phone number
  • Google reCaptcha V3 integration – prevent bots to send call-back request via invisible Google reCaptcha V3
  • Countdown timer – display countdown timer when customer request a call-back
  • Theme color – customize button color.

Advantages of Contact us all-in-one button

  • This plugin is designed for the user’s browsing experience, so you will have a clear and sharp contact button, which will not disturb or hinder your content.
  • If you offer technical service or customer service, this plugin will be indispensable to work with your customers.
  • Your service and relationship with your customers will be enhanced as you will improve communication with them and serve them in less time thanks to the quick contact.

Download Contact us all-in-one button

Its download is very simple and fast, you can do it directly from this website, in just seconds you will have this plugin at your disposal.

Don’t hesitate to boost your business service and generate more traffic and conversions with the single installation of Contact us all-in-one button.

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