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One of the templates that has large followers, because of the different functions that it has to offer the user, which we will tell you below.

It is a powerful theme designed for all spaces related to construction, either to esplan an informative website, or a virtual store.

And it is that according to the opinion of those who already use it, the Wilcity, has been for them, a real relic, and it is that it has allowed them to create as easily as possible their own store.

Since it has a multiplicity of functions that position it as the number one of the best themes.

Easy to create what you want

Whether it’s a content blog, or a virtual store blog, thanks to this theme, it’s possible thanks to an integration function to create a shopping cart, something that is otherwise ideal, for those incipient writers, eager to sell their books, or you can create the photo gallery that you want so much.

Simple options to use

That is, this is a theme, that although it has various functions, they have been arranged and available with the greatest of simplicity, hence it has been pointed out by critics as a simple template, but not simplistic.

That is, you can make an epic blog, but with great simplicity, and without needing to merit great knowledge or programming or codes.

Unique exposure characteristics

Its characteristics have alluded to it, the coupling of being the ideal theme for professionals, and not in vain, among the multiple options one that stands out the most, is the possibility to create a portfolio, that is, if you are a FreeLancer if or if, you must have Wilcity, so that your potential clients can appreciate the samples of your work.

Ease at hand

We already indicate that its menu of options is one of the easiest to use, but that is not all, but also this has a series of 10 templates, which you can use from the beginning to place your blog online as before as possible, and you can thus start the business of your life, publishing excellently well , for a complete theme and great functions.

Sales will be easily given

It allows to sell anything, obvious as long as it is legitimate, from products in physics, to products that enjoy a virtual appearance, that is, that they are virtual products, verbigracia, that is why it is indicated as an ideal, for those who want to enter the book sector and obtain an extra income from the sale of these.

User contro

l system

It has tracking systems, that is, that, like any store, this theme allows you to keep up with sales, keeping track of the orders and available stocks, so nothing will skip the view, thanks to the internal system of this, which allows you to keep your inventory up to date.

Easy to use

Friendly system, effectively this recreates a whole store give, but also allows a kind of friendly relationship with your customers, since these can leave you product and service reviews and even suggestion, but look, that this feature does not amilane you, since you will easily be able to see the comments before rating it.

Without a doubt a theme, that will not only give you the best of visions as an online theme, but also make you gain more customers and therefore boost your sales, and best of all it has a mobile version, compatible with most devices.

Download Wilcity Directory Listing WordPress Theme

Don’t wait any longer, you’re facing a theme that’s right for you, that you have nothing to worry about, it’s just a matter of you downloading it for free now.

A theme designed especially for you, where you can place, project and arrange everything you want, so that we leave it for you to enjoy it 1000%, you can download it totally free when you like.



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