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A website is always going to need factors that help its optimal development in many reliable and above all secure ways. Social Warfare – Pro is an ideal complement to offer you all the necessary and substantial capabilities for your website, making it much more powerful than any other.


How Social Warfare – Pro works


Give your site the most robust employment on friendly splitting features while preserving your page load times quickly.

In conjunction with the 6 non-existent distribution buttons that Social Warfare offers, Pro licensees come to imitate the sharing buttons of the consonant association community.

In addition, according to the largest neighboring networks, Twitter tweets are also reactivated, played or displayed.

Social Warfare is one of the pioneers in terms of customizing the content that is shared, specifically in conjunction with Pinterest.

The Social Warfare: The Pro plug-in approves it after determining precisely who the image is, naming it, then displaying the statement, and then sharing its content over websites such as Facebook and Google+.

This also applies according to any of the lousy networks that use Open Graph logs because of the associative actions.


Features of Social Warfare – Pro

– Pin all images

By enabling the desired location of the idea scrolling pin button, a “Pin” button on the pinnacle with respect to each gut photo of your content material, a reader now places the mouse over it. This makes each photo on your page fairly shareable according to Pinterest!



At the pinnacle of that, you run up a custom Pinterest image and draw a custom ad for someone to click on the pin button, the specific image you’ve selected is displayed along with exactly the ad you’ve written.


Running accordingly, it additionally runs a custom sound for someone to click on the Twitter button. The specific chirrup you typed pleasure is displayed in the Twitter box and Social Warfare will mechanically add the link according to your content or your username after you give up.

– Custom design or placement.

Customize which distribution networks you display, how your buttons appear, and where they appear. You can choose from 6 unique button shapes, eight unique tone themes plus the ability to choose custom colors because it buttons. The combinations of diagrams are unlimited.

– Minimal social testing

If you select to show only the counts after a minimum safe number of actions has been met (to stay away from the “negative community test”), it will work the same way. Or, instead, you simply don’t have any counts displayed, just turn to them completely.


Advantages of Social Warfare – Pro


– Run Twitter Cards (Big Belief Cards) and as tweets sent alongside your website are always thriving in the media and are much more likely depending on the engagement.

– This add-on also ensures that your online website is enriched and your Pins look as strong as possible.

– Automatically shorten shared hyperlinks by using your personal Bitly credentials, so you can track whether there are many clicks related to your links.

– In addition, provided you are a Google Analytics user, you must run the Analytics tracking and then each shared link consists of a unique UTM tracking code

– In this path you can track all the inbound links that occur as a direct result of Social Warfare actions.

– In addition to the issue, Social Warfare is the almost husky split plug-in useful because WordPress. It achieves all of these high-rate capabilities while benefiting from a super-fast, lightweight article base.

Download Social Warfare – Pro


This is definitely the best complement for you to add everything that has to do with social networks to your website so don’t wait any longer and download Social Warfare – Pro.

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