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No matter what the content of your website is, it is extremely important that you keep your users active, that is to say, it is not convenient for you at all that users get bored of being there. For this reason, Private Messages – Astoundify has created this add-on, which allows you to constantly keep your users active on your website thanks to its private messaging.

How Private Messages -Astoundify works


– WORDPRESS Private Messages

– Allow online users of the website to count directly.

– Regularly updated We mount

– routinely more applications and enhancements according to each plug-in.

– Detailed documentation helps you to find the nearest use for your purchase.


– Free Support

Includes personalized technical support from our dedicated team.


– High quality code

Created because of the modern model of WordPress together with the best development practices.


– Fast but SEO friendly

Never worry about slowing down under your website and losing your search engine optimization rankings.


– Simple setup

Easy in accordance with previous use or practical after use. Spend less days placing more years of age.




Advantages of Private Messages -Astoundify

– Keep the person’s interaction on site.

– As a website owner, you must ensure that users stay on your site as long as possible. Allow your customers to easily talk one-on-one by sending private messages to each other directly.

– Email notification, badges, but unread counts

– Make sure your users effortlessly keep their conversations lively by using new response notifications, unread count badges and an easy news panel.

– Allowing users to agree to chat ensures additional activity on your website.

Importance of Private Messages – Astoundify


Maintaining constant and effective contact with the user, is of vital importance for any website that is characterized by offering products, or any service, if you let the customer is guided alone without giving any kind of support you run the risk that the person will leave the website.

Not to mention that it will leave a bad review and it is also possible that it will tell other people that it is not a good website, since this works the same way as if it were a physical store with the difference that it is on the internet.

If you don’t want this kind of thing to happen to you, you should prevent it by making a purchase and investing in tools or accessories that make it easier for you to keep in touch with your users. You should also bear in mind that not all visitors are regular customers, but most of them are potential customers.

You should not lose these potential customers for anything in the world, on the contrary, you should aim to win them over through private attention, and that is where Private Messages – Astoundify comes in.

Through this add-on you have all the facilities for your or your team to keep in touch with the client until they buy from you or request the service you are providing.

So this add-on is of vital importance to make your website work properly and stay active constantly, thanks to the tools and good work you can implement.

This is also a way to make the user’s stay a bit quick and easy. The best thing you can do is download Private Messages -Astoundify.

Download Private Messages -Astoundify

As you can see there are many advantages and positive features that bring you Private Messages – Astoundify to download.

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