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Polylang is a plugin specially created to make your WooCommerce store a multilingual shop, so you can reach more people, translate the pages of your store.

If your store is starting to expand beyond local locations, then it is time to think about having a multilingual store so that your products can safely expand to countries where other languages are spoken.

Choose the main language of your target audience and you will see how your traffic will increase considerably, which brings many benefits to your store and its sales.

How Polylang works

How Polylang works

This plugin is to be used in conjunction with WooCommerce and will allow you to translate your products, categories, tags and other elements to the language of your choice, normally the first language to be translated because there are more commercial countries that speak that language would be Spanish.

With the installation of these plugins, more visitors will be able to see your product of interest with a description and values in their own language, and if they wish they will be able to switch languages at any time.

Every aspect of your website will be translated, from the product to the product categories, stock, coupons, gallery descriptions, and more. Common data such as the stock and prices are automatically synchronized across product translations.

The best thing is that the emails you need to send to your customers when they have registered or completed a purchase and receive the confirmation email will also appear in the language the user has chosen to browse.

Polylang features

Polylang features

This plugin is very easy to install and by doing so you can start using it right away on your WooCommerce, we already know that translate product, categories, tags, and global attributes, but also synchronize all these across product translations.

You surely know the importance of communication with each customer during the purchase and even after it, and if you make that communication in the customer’s native language, if he speaks another language than yours, he will surely appreciate the service and will take you into account for future purchases.

So, the ability to send emails in customer’s language is an important feature of this plugin and can make the difference between your conversion rates and increased customer bounce back to your store.

If you have descriptions that can be used for other products on your site you can duplicate the content when creating a translation this will save you time and effort. You also have a filter by language for use as you need.

All this will make it easier for each translation to be done by separate entry, which will allow you to customize each one or modify them if necessary, this translation can share the same slug in the URL. And at any moment, you can choose to enable or disable languages.

This plugin is compatible with the CSV import and export tools available in WooCommerce since version 3.1.

Advantages of Polylang

  • With the installation of this plugin, you will be allowing your store to adapt to the possibility of offering its products in other languages, something that gives a clear sense of professionalism, since, translations are the order of the day.
  • Polylang allows you to have an updated website since you will present the public with different options to navigate under the language they prefer, this will give you a unique approach to your customers.
  • Your traffic and conversions will surely increase since you will be reaching another type of public and in greater quantity, since the language barrier will no longer be between your client and your product, and these will have the possibility of interacting better with you.

Download Polylang

Download this plugin directly from our website and start expanding your business beyond the boundaries of language soon.

It is very easy to install and will even help you improve your website’s SEO due to the traffic and conversions you can generate by adding more languages to your website.

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