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JetSmartFilters is a Plugin for WordPress that allows users to find their ideal product through a filtering system that makes the procedure very fast. This plugin is especially for use in the Elementor builder.

To give your customers total comfort while they are on your site and want to stay longer enjoying your products or services you must provide them with a good browsing experience, and the best way to do that is with one of the best tools for search filters in WordPress, that is JetSmartFilters.

How JetSmartFilters works

How JetSmartFilters works

This product is especially for WooCommerce stores and is created principally with the comfort of the users in mind, as it saves them time and makes it easier to search within your website with a variety of different filter types.

You can use the categories that best suit your products, such as colors, sizes, or different values such as date, popularity, price among others. This way the customer will quickly find what they are looking for and transactions will be made more efficiently.

You can choose which filters to show, the amount, the type of filters among other customizations from a very easy and intuitive editor that will allow you very fast navigation.

JetSmartFilters feature

JetSmartFilters feature

You can apply filters hierarchy to custom posts or products to view in an expandable tree or use index option to show only relevant choices after selecting the filter.

Apply multiple filters with the faceted search techniques system which lets you display specific and relevant options on the page and choose yourself the options that will come out first according to the specific search.

You can use the filters to work together with an additional provider in other places all from the same page. Your filters can be as complex and yet simple to use as your creativity allows.

You can place several active filters where the user can visualize the elements that his current search is composed of and deactivate those that he considers better at any time during his navigation.

You can also place a search by range, this way users can make their search according to their needs and budget if it is by price, or according to the newness of the products if it is by season. You can also perform a search by their rating.

Advantages of JetSmartFilters

  • With JetSmartFilters you can simplify the browsing experience on your website, something that users always appreciate and reward you by increasing your website’s engagement.
  • Its editor is very easy to use and has been specially designed so that you can put the minimum effort into creating your filters and still give your website a professional look.
  • This plugin works for a website that has Elementor installed, and it combines very well, does not interfere with loading times and installation is very fast.
  • It gives you the option of pagination where it lets users see the whole list of elements that are there as a result of their search.

Download of JetSmartFilters

JetSmartFilters is very easy to install, you can download it from our website and it’s extremely quick to install and start using it. It also comes with a variety of additional widgets that will complement the operation of your website.

With its download, you will be able to access all the widgets of this original product and you will have files unmodified and with the latest version that has been updated.

It is a plugin that is constantly updated and has a very good technical support and documentation that you can go to in case of any doubt during its installation or configuration.

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