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Fancy Product Designer is one of the most innovative WordPress plugins of its kind. By using it, you can give your online store customers the freedom to create and design their own products, all from a friendly, easy-to-use interface.

Using this plugin will increase your sales by refining your marketing strategy by adding the customer’s own design to your products, which will be very attractive and will allow you to increase your sales and conversions almost instantly.

How Fancy Product Designer works

How Fancy Product Designer works

If you have an online store or a Marketplace, you have surely noticed that selling products requires increasingly original and attractive sales strategies and that their marketing should reach your customers in an attractive way.

This plugin will perfect that marketing strategy and allow total customization of the products that are on sale, all according to the standards that you place, this will give your customers freedom to have original and unique designs.

No matter what products or services your store offers, this plugin has a very flexible editor that will adapt to your store, besides being very responsive and easy to use.

Making your customers participate in the design of their own products in a simple and not complex way will make your store very modern and innovative, you will strengthen the relationship with your customers and sure that your numbers will rise.

Fancy Product Designer features

Fancy Product Designer features

The best thing about Fancy Product Designer is that thanks to its product editor, your clients can have individual control over every aspect and every design layer of their product. The editor will allow them to apply the changes they want, such as adding text, graphics or images, among others.

Depending on the product you are offering, you can build the editor by yourself from the plugin, define the size, the color, the position of the elements, buttons and how they will be displayed when interacting with them.

You can set limits or let your customers decide which part of the product can be customized no matter what kind of product is, it has helpful layer system to keep track of applied design, customers can upload images from any device it supported JPG, PNG and SVG.

These images can be edited with various options like changing position, size, rotation, opacity, and filters, also, you can set up a font library for customers to create and apply in their products.

You can set a flexible price according to modifications like materials, colors, text, image, and every detail you want.

Fancy Product Designer lets you customize the design area to allow customers to choose the areas where they will make their modifications, for example, where to put on a sweater company logo, whether on the sleeve, the back or the front.

Advantages of Fancy Product Designer

  • The best thing about this plugin is that it will give your store an original sales strategy since customer participation in your products generates trust and rapprochement with them, which can be translated into better sales and more traffic.
  • It is a plugin that works no matter the device from where you are entering, you will be able to see it from a cell phone, laptop or Tablet.
  • The commitment of customers to you will increase due to their participation and approach to your store through this customization.

Download Fancy Product Designer

The download of this original and innovative plugin is done very quickly from our website, once installed you can start making your settings easily.

Once you start applying it you will see how to attract more traffic and make sales will no longer be as complex as before and your strategy will improve.

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