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EventOn is a WordPress plugin that adds an eye-catching calendar full of tools to your page that will make your daily work easier while giving you incredible options to show your web users.

Having a calendar is very useful for your website, since it not only allows you to organize yourself and your team but also allows you to show important events to your users in a versatile way to attract their attention and ensure their participation.

How EventOn works

How EventOn works

One of the most outstanding features of this plugin is the variety of colors you can use to display the events and important dates of your business and how all this can be edited very easily in a few clicks.

This plugin is constantly updated and at the forefront with the times, as it includes the possibility of Streaming and supports the most popular hosting for virtual events.

EventOn is perfect to complement your website no matter what your business is about, it can go well for institutions, gyms, doctors’ offices or even blogs and company websites. Thanks to its great versatility to organize all kinds of dates and events.

EventOn Features

EventOn Features

You can create the calendar as you like since it has a wide range of items to customize, you can create events that last from a year or a month and repeat it in certain periods without having to edit the same aspects.

If you work with several events and you are always publishing new dates, let users find the topic of interest easily through the search engine that includes this plugin with which it is sure to give the expected results quickly, plus you can have use of filters for convenience.

You can create Event Thumbnail with the images of your election and show more information or make the event more attractive to users. You can include directions by typing address and the plugin will show the users the direction to the event location.

You can create a quick snapshot of the event info and put it in any place of your website to drive user attention. You can also add information about event organizers or managers so that the user can display more information if desired.

This plugin allows you to display the event with the main image of the venue and in that image, you can add more detailed information such as date and place. A very attractive way to show your users the important dates of your business, you can also add these dates to your Google calendar easily.

Advantages of EventOn

  • By adding this plugin to your repertoire, you will also be adding organization and simplicity to your website, as you will be able to show the information in a new way and with clean and tidy designs.
  • You can add many events and dates, in fact, it is special to work with a number of monthly events or a year, besides you can repeat the event setting up easily and without any complications.
  • You can make a view of the events in the form of a list to show multiple events in one place.
  • With this single plugin, you can also add a map to your website to show exactly where each event will take place.

Download EventOn

You can easily download from our website, you will find the best prices and the totally original files with the latest updates.

Do not hesitate to download this plugin with hundreds of tools that will facilitate the creation of events on your website, is very easy to install and comes with all necessary documentation for its configuration.

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