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There are all kinds of websites on the Internet, but nowadays there are many websites related to questions and answers, these are the websites preferred by users and if you want to make money with these pages, I recommend you DW question & answer Pro.


What is DW question & answer Pro


DW Question & Answer Pro is an all-time favorite question and answer add-on because of WordPress. Your WordPress website wants to have a kind of answer and query quantity with all the features of StackOverflow, Quora and Yahoo Answers.

With the DW Question & Answer Pro, you are provided with dense, late-breaking purposes as well as a unique support priority due to our customers.

Here are half the highlights after the show where the DW Question & Answer Pro add-on must remain a passionate competitor compared to existing add-ons that are ignored within this category.

DW question & answer Pro features

– Anti-spam through reCaptcha / FunCaptcha

– To avoid spam, we combine reCaptcha and FunCaptcha as a question and answer (perform support on/off).

– 2 customised short codes

– displays the list of queries including filtering, searching, paging, sorting.

– displays the question form.

– 7 custom widgets

– DWQA categories/tags: displays a list of question categories and then tags.

– DWQA request form: displays the query form.

– Latest DWQA questions: displays a list of today’s questions.

– DWQA Featured Questions: displays a list of featured questions.

– DWQA Closed Questions – displays a list of bolted questions.

– DWQA related questions – displays a list of related questions on an unaccompanied question.

– DWQA rating table – shows a list of quasi-powerful members.

– Perfect suit along each WordPress them


How DW question & answer Pro works


– DW Question & Answer Pro offers you a short code, which helps you to display all the questions on a certain page of your choice. In addition, the query listing web page is additionally integrated with deep capabilities such as Filter, Sort, Paginate, Search, etc.

– It performs a sentence query structure with respect to a sidebar and an analysis page.

With this feature, users can accept the right question, provide blank descriptions along HTML and Markdown, deliver them according to a category and tag them after helping to expand the exposure of the website.

– All applications (such as edit, delete, maintain, track, swap query status) can be handled from the front-end. This makes it less difficult because customers decentralize the rights of participants on your website, allowing you to manage the neighborhood in a practical way.


– The comment or response function is a real must in DW Question & Answer Pro. The answer form supports HTML and then Markdown format.


– Your person executes post entry into the non-public dye after granting personal credentials as webmaster, FTP action tab, is using the questions and answers as a help desk system.


– DW Question & Answer mechanically counts the views each time someone views the question. This feature with respect to DW Question & Answers Pro helps you filter questions by recognizing your web site.


Advantages of DW Question & Answer Pro


– Choose the best answer

– Email Notifications

– Instant Search

– Multilingual support (more than 20 languages available)

Download DW question & answer Pro

There is only one thing that can improve your question & answer website and that is if you download DW question & answer Pro.




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